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Thinking of an Artist Friend

15 Gifts for Artists

Finding is good gift for an artist is hard. I've compiled a list of items I personally would love to receive Read More

Learn something

From supplies to drawing exercises, here I try to capture all of the guides and lessons, I've used to create my paintings.  See all tutorials

Find tutorials, exercises, and tips to learn or improve your drawing skills. Explore

Find materials, tips,  and techniques to learn or improve your oil painting. Explore

Here I walk you through my creative process step by step of each of my paintings: what materials I use, what I was trying to capture, and insights and tips I learned along the way. Dive in see my process on any of my paintings. 


I haven't been inspired to create in a couple of years. Don't expect any answers here, just introspection that I hope gets me out of this rut.  Read 

If you want to start your painting journey, I've put together a list of all my go to supplies to get you started.